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We are a Metaphysical and Educational Organization that engages in a search for meaning, purpose, and direction for life.

We hope you will join us for our weekly service, classes and events! 

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Upcoming Events


The Center is now open for in-person events, i.e., Sunday Services & classes.  Masks are preferred but not required, especially if you have not been vaccinated.  We are excited to see everyone again in person.  We have missed everyone soooo much.



Date:  Saturdays, June 11th & July 23rd 2022

Time:  9:00am - Noon

Place:  Center of Light

Instructor:  Rev. Ina Melton

Cost:  Love Offering


If you would like to discuss different Metaphysical topics, this is the forum for you to attend.  Come with your questions and join in with the discussions.


Dates:  Thursdays, Jun 09 thru Sep 17

Time:  6:30pm - 8:30pm

Place:  Center of Light

Instructor:  Revs. Donell Koch & Becky Qualls

Cost:  $120 + Materials

Registration:  Sign up at the Center, or you may register on our Events Page of our website at:, or the Event on our Facebook Page.

Description: Thirteen-Week Course - Basic introduction to the 22 Tarot Keys, or "High Arcana" by the Builders of the Adytum - BOTA. Definition and discovery of archetypical symbols found in everyday life. (Traditional Coloring of Cards) Tarot is not merely a device for fortune telling. It is a set of Keys for discovering the truth about the Self. The TAROT KEYS, as they stand, can help you to transmute your personality, expand your consciousness, and much more. But they are very much more powerful if they are correctly colored.  We

use the book by Paul Foster Case “The Tarot”, The Key to the Wisdom of the Ages.  You will need to purchase this book and the uncolored cards for use during the class.  Bring a large  3-Ring binder (2-3”) for all the handouts you will be receiving.  Also, purchase Prang Watercolors, or Colored Pencils.


Dates:  Mondays, June 09 thru June 27

Time:  6:30pm - 8:00pm

Place:  Center of Light

Instructor:  Charles Blakely

Cost:  $40 + Materials (if any)

Registration:  Sign up at the Center, or you may register on our Events Page of our website at:, or the Event on our Facebook Page.

Description: Pathworking I will be a participatory experience of a different Path on the Qabalistic Tree of Life each night. A brief overview will be given, then Mr. Blakely will guide the participants through a Pathworking Meditation, after which experiences will be shared. The series of Pathworking I will cover the first four paths of the Tree of Life: the 32nd Path through the 29th Path. The meditative impact of these experiences will assist the participant to integrate aspects of their psyche in an enjoyable manner, while experiences unique states of consciousness. The class will start Monday, June 6th, on consecutive Mondays through June 27, from 6:30 to 8pm.

Charles F. Blakely has actively studied and worked with the Qabalah for the last three decades through the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. While reading his first book on the Qabalah he began having dreams in Hebrew, which intensified his pursuit of Qabalistic knowledge. He is an accomplished Tarot reader, NLP Practitioner with advanced training, and a Reiki Master. He is available for personal consultations and trainings, and can be contacted at

COURSE IN MIRACLES - Sunday mornings at 9:15am.  Contact Rev. Jane Wodtke at for any changes in time.

MINDFUL MEDITATION - Friday evenings at 7:00pm.  Contact Rev. Rebekah Qualls at for any changes in time.

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