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Tarot 101 - Introduction

Twelve Week Course:

A basic introduction to the 22 Tarot Keys, or "High Arcana". Definition and discovery of archetypical symbols found in everyday life. (Traditional Coloring of Cards)

Tarot 201 - 7 Steps to Practice Occultism

Eleven Week Course:

Seven steps to occult methodology, transmutation, and manifestation. It provides a history of Tarot and its uses as an initiatory path in ancient wisdom teachings. It also offers instruction into Daily Path meditation.

Tarot 301 - Meditative Work

Eleven Week Course:

Meditative work with the Tarot Keys as spates for growth and discovery. Includes Gender, Numerology, and Hebrew and color symbology.  Daily meditation and discussion.

Tarot 401 - Pathworking

Eleven Week Course:

Application of Tarot pathwork using keys and the Cube of Space. Intense meditation for development of personalization of your Tarot path. Weekly meditation and writing assignments.

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