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COL Symbol

There are several symbols within the symbol which are as follows:

Upper Triangle - Divinity, Spirit, Universal Spirit
Lower Triangle - Humanity, Personality, Lower Man
Circle - All Encompassing Spirit God


Astrology Symbols:

Aquarius - (Left - Ascendant)

Uranus - (Top - Mid-Heaven)

Leo - (Right - Descendant)

Mars - (Bottom - Nadir/Home)

The ancient symbol of the six pointed star represents the integration of spirit and matter, or God and Humanity. We use the symbol of the Upper Triangle (Divine Spirit), not quite overlaying the Lower Triangle (Matter/Personality), to represent the Center's purpose of helping people become Spirit infused. Since we are still in embodiment, we feel we are not yet completely infused, but we have many tools, techniques, services, classes, and guidance on how to make this a reality in our worlds.

We invoked and anchored the Center's energy Ray giving us an Astrology Chart representing the following:
Aquarius Ascendant - We are an Aquarian organization focused in group work and group leadership.
Uranus at Mid-Heaven - Represents our image to the world of seeking Christ Consciousness.
Mars at the Nadir - The energy and push to create this Center's Home of knowledge and application.
Leo on the Descendant - The courage to bring self-consciousness to this relating body of people.
The encompassing circle represents the All of Spirit and Matter which we are part of.

COL Mystery School Symbol

Our Symbol for the Mystery School shows the colors of the Seven Rays, and the Lotus flower representing enlightenment for all.  Also, the reflection of the lotus represents As Above, So Below, & As Below, So Above.

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