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Metaphysics 101 - Intro to Metaphysics

Ten Week Course:

Introduction to metaphysical terms, theories, and practices. Areas of study that are introduced are the; Meditation & Journal Keeping; Cosmology of the macrocosm (the Solar System) and the microcosm (the personality of the human - the Three Lower Bodies - Physical, Emotional, & Mental) - As Above, So Below; Chakras; Rays & Flames (energy forces and how to use them); Re-embodiment; Consciousness Tools, i.e., Astrology, Numerology, Dreams; Masters of the Ancient Wisdom; Devas & Elementals; Alchemy; and Clearance (a healing tool).  This serves as the student’s indoctrination to the basic principles of The Light of Christ Center.

Metaphysics 201 - Clearance & The Consciousness Chart

Ten Week Course:

The objective of this class is to learn the basics of Clearance Work (psychic healing tool) in order to effectively heal oneself and others.  To learn and understand the basics of the Consciousness Chart in order to be aware of the human traits working in the personality and how to change them into divine qualities.  And, be able to effectively utilize the tools of Clearance and the Consciousness Chart for the purpose of healing oneself and others and individual growth.  This is a review of the Planes & Bodies, Rays & Flames and an in-depth study and practice of using the Consciousness Chart and Clearance.

Metaphysics 301 - Metaphysical Techniques

Ten Week Course:

An organized, adventuresome exploration of the small universe we call the Self.  The study and practice of several techniques, i.e., Transactional Analysis, Script Analysis, Eidetics, reading & reporting on numerous self-help books.

Metaphysics 401 - Health, Healing & Preventive Medicine

Ten Week Course:

Health, Healing, & Preventive Medicine - Delves deeply into health healing, and preventive medicine; extensive handouts and guest speakers; alternative medicine; current trends in holistic healing.

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