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A Love offering will be gratefully accepted for all Workshops and Study Groups.

Empath Discussion Group

Not knowing if you are an empath can be a very difficult and confusing experience as you are constantly picking up on other peoples’ emotional states without being able to tell that they are not your own. This discussion group is for you to share your experiences so each person can learn about others and how they are able to deal with their feelings. You will also learn some tools to help you in this area of your life.

Course in Miracles

Discussion Group:

Meets each Sunday at 9:15 am and Wednesdays at 6:30pm to study the materials in the book by the same name. The group is open to all - at any time. May meet on other nights also.

Past Lives Workshop


Getting to know who you were and transmuting negative energy from your past lives.

Dream Analysis

Study Group:

Study and discussion of individual dreams, their symbols and interpretation.

Solving Personal Problems

Money, Relationships, etc.

Conversations with God Study Group

Book 1, Book 2, Book 3, and Book 4:

Length of study depends upon the class size, discussion, & participation.

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