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COL Philosophy of Education

The statement of the ancient Greeks, "Know Thyself," is an important requirement of any individual. In agreement with this wisdom, many of our courses teach self-awareness techniques.  It is our desire that every person who comes here has the opportunity to gain knowledge of his or herself and be informed of the techniques for applying this knowledge to their personal growth.  Some tools and techniques work better for some people than others.

Therefore, the knowledge we provide is very eclectic, having been taken from many philosophies, religions, and psychologies.  All spiritual growth implies a certain amount of change - not change based upon some dogma or creed, but true change - defined by the individual as a result of self-discovery.  For this reason, we call ourselves a "Center for Applied Knowledge."  Experience has taught us that self-knowledge alone is useless unless it is applied towards the creation of a more conscious, healthy, well-adjusted person.  Therefore, on a basis of information from many sources, both old and new, we teach techniques in self-discovery and encourage self-transmutation.

We encourage a $10.00 per week donation to help defer the expense of the use of the facility, instructor fees. The cost of class materials will be collected from the students when necessary.

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