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Qabalah 101 - Introduction

Eleven Week Course:

Introduction to Tarot Keys on the Tree of Life spheres as used by the Qabalah. Astrology and Numerology coordinated with Tarot archetypes. Pre-requisites - Tarot and Astrology series.

Qabalah 201 - Archetypes

Eleven Week Course:

22 paths of Qabalah involving deep application of Tarot archetypes to the Tree of Life. Focus on dream symbols as Tarot/Qabalah Keys. Journal Keeping and daily meditation.

Qabalah 301 - Pathworking

Eleven Week Course:

Pathworking in 3rd and 4th dimensions. Project manifestation in the physical from meditations using symbology of Tarot and Qabalah.

Qabalah 401 - Pathworking

Eleven Week Course:

Pathworking in the 5th dimension. Area of specialization choice. Independent study and development of teaching/service materials.

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